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11th August 2017

Performance Coaching with Elite Coach, Martyn Lewis

Following on from the first successful day of Performance Coaching with Martyn Lewis (former Welsh international and Nottingham NBL coach, former top 20 world ranking) in May, Safari Badminton is delighted to announce the second day of coaching.

Participants will be led through a variety of practices including :-

* badminton specific warm ups to physically condition the body,
* technical movement to ensure that you move around the court effectively, maximising the effectiveness of your shots,
* technical hitting skills to improve the quality and effectiveness of your shots leading to having the upper hand and playing more winning shots,
* tactical practices designed to allow you to practice moving and hitting in realistic situations before applying new skills to match situations.

Choose from two sessions: 9am or 1 pm on the 20th August, each session will last for 3 hours.

The location will be Kimberley Leisure Centre (NG16 2NJ).

Each session will cost 30 per player.

The sessions are open to individuals, partnerships and groups of friends: whatever suits you!

The sessions will be limited to 20 players each to ensure all participants receive plenty of attention from the coaches.

As well as having a great coach like Martyn to lead the sessions, I will also be there to support participants in their learning.

For more information and to book your place, please visit or call Steve on 07866691494

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