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25th September 2017

Marshall Storey – Honorary League Secretary - 1978 to 2017

Marshall Storey & Andy Tyas - 2017Most club members know Marshall through his day to day control of the Notts Badminton Association league structure, as our ever present Honorary League secretary, with the word HONORARY definitely to the fore in describing "Marsh", in the role he's made his own.

A man as professional as any you could wish to meet or know, who's understanding of our very complex league and starring structures, is second to none.

Our sport and many like it at grass roots level relies heavily on volunteers, of which Marshall is an outstanding example of what commitment is required to have done such a labour intensive job for 39 years.

To have taken on the role when the Association stood at 91 clubs with 408 teams I don't know where he started, I'm taking over with 28 clubs and 152 teams!

At this year's AGM Marshall presented me with a sealed box of some weight with the passing comment of "you might need this!” On opening it I found a treasure trove of past league archives going back to 1931, all hand written (some on parchment!).

This is when you start to realise what the position of league secretary is, as Marshall has been only the 4th since our league started.

So not only has he been an amazing book keeper but also a curator of our past league history.

I think some clubs who have crossed swords with Marshall in the past would use the phrase "hard but fair" when describing him, but I think we would all truly use the phrase "nice, polite, gentlemanly, understanding, charming but fair!”

And now he has riden off into the sunset after 39 years’ service to the association with all of our heartfelt thanks and good wishes to go with him.

I'm sure we'll see him here and there supporting his children and grandchildren, offering a dry comment as only Marsh can, and at Masters county events where I still think he looks at who's playing and thinks to himself “I could do better than that!".

Thankyou Marsh
Andy Tyas
... and from all of us at Nottinghamshire Badminton

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