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13th November 2017

Masters Teams in winning form

Three of Nottinghamshire's Master teams opened their season on Sunday 12th November. The 45s travelled to Shropshire, while the 50s and 60s entertained Norfolk and Cheshire respectively on their Home courts at Chilwell Olympia.

Both the 45s and 50s teams scored convincing wins over their opponents.
The 45s beating Shropshire by 11-1 and the 50's beating Norfolk 12-0.

The 60s found their match against Cheshire to be a closer contest. After winning two Mens and three Ladies rubbers they were 5-3 up, wanting two of the four remaining Mixed rubbers to gain an outright win. The team fort hard but could only win one, resulting in a winning 6-6 draw to Notts. on count back (15-13 games, 520-495 points).
Jacqui Burton was unbeaten in the match playing with partners Pauline Adams and Mike Nettleton.

45s Team:
Mike Storey, Jason Smith - Forest B.C.
Andy Cokayne, Matthew Tongue - Bingham B.C.
Jane Smith, Sarah Heathcote, Christine Gleave - Bingham B.C.
Jane Tarrant - Byron B.C.

50s Team:
Adam Buck - Forest B.C.
Kevin Langley - Southwell B.C.
John Fletcher - Crusader B.C.
Adrian Mateo - East Leake B.C.
Karen Gleave, Loraine Buck, Andrea Oates - Forest B.C.
Ellen Housley - Bingham B.C.

60's Team:
Phil Johnson, Mike Nettleton, Ian Price - Chilwell B.C.
Kevin Cuthbert - St Giles B.C.
Jacqui Burton, Pauline Adams, Jan Johnson - Chilwell B.C.
Cathy Tandy - Sprotborough B.C.

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