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19th November 2017

40s lose heavily to Derbyshire

Nottinghamshire's Masters O/40s team entertained old rivals Derbyshire on their Home courts at Chilwell Olympia on Sunday 19th November.

Derbyshire's all round strength proved to be too good for the Home side, however they didn't have it all their own way when Notts. 1st Ladies pair, Paula Wilson and Toni Favill, pushed Derbyshire's top pair to three sets then followed this up by beating the oppositions 2nd pair in two straight sets.
The Notts. Team rallied back in the Mixed doubles when Paula, with partner Craig Favill both played brilliantly to secure a second win for the Home side, while two of the remaining three matches lost in three ends.
The match ended with Derbyshire winning 10-2.

40's Team:
Craig Favill - Mansfield Oaktree B.C.
Graydon Peacock - St. Giles B.C.
Simon Vanderwault - Beeston Fields B.C.
Simon Higgs - Devon B.C.
Paula Wilson - Bingham B.C.
Toni Favill, Kate Miller - Mansfield Oaktree B.C.
Kerry Moxham - Beeston Valley B.C.

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