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15th January 2018

Masters teams compete in National Tourney

Over 60s County TeamFour of Nottinghamshire’s Masters Teams competed in the Masters County Challenge Tournament over the weekend of 13/14th January 2018.
The format for this competition is one Mens, one Ladies and two Mixed rubbers.

Nott's performed very well, with two team's finishing in first place (who will be promoted to the Premier Division next season), one team in second place and one in fifth place.

Notable performances were from:-
Paula Wilson (40s), Jane Tarrant (45s), Phil Johnson (60s) - All unbeaten, playing in all matches for their respective teams.

For the 50s team - Karen Gleave, Loraine Buck, Adam Buck and John Fletcher were all unbeaten. Kevin Langley and Sally Moore probably would have remained unbeaten had they not graciously 'taken one for the team' to secure an overall match win against main rivals Cheshire.

Out of the 24 rubbers played, the team only lost three rubbers.

O/40s results: Division 1A - venue Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton.
Lincolnshire: Won 3-1, Staffordshire: Drew 2-2, Northumberland: Lost 1-3, Cheshire: Lost 1-3, Suffolk: Lost 1-3.
Overall Final Position: 5th.
Team: Paula Wilson (Captain) (Bingham B.C.)
Craig Favill, Toni Favill, Kate Miller (Mansfield Oaktree B.C.)
Julie Gater (Alfreton B.C.)
Simon Vanderwault (Beeston Fields B.C.)
Graydon Peacock (St. Giles B.C.)
Con Truong (Mapperley Park B.C.)

O/45s results: Division 1A - venue Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton.
Shropshire: Won 4-0, Cheshire: Lost 1-3, Warwickshire: Won 3-1, Leicestershire: Won 4-0, Cambridgeshire: Won 3-1.
Overall Final Position: 2nd.
Team: Sarah Heathcote (Captain), Jane Smith, Christine Gleave (Bingham B.C.)
Jane Tarrant (Byron B.C.)
Matthew Tongue, Andy Cokayne (Bingham B.C.)
Mike Storey, Jason Smith (Forest B.C.)

O/50s results: Division 1A - venue National Badminton Centre, Milton Keynes.
Worcestershire: Won 4-0, Suffolk: Won 4-0, Warwickshire: Won 4-0, Norfolk: Won 3-1, Cheshire: Won 3-1, Cambridgeshire: Won 3-1.
Overall Final Position: 1st.
Team:: Karen Gleave (Captain), Loraine Buck, Adam Buck (Forest B.C.)
Sally Moore, Frances Fox, Ellen Housley (Bingham B.C.)
John Fletcher (Crusader B.C.)
Kevin Langley (Southwell B.C.)
Adrian Mateo (East Leake B.C.)

O/60s results: Division 1A - venue Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton.
Played each team twice:-
Cheshire: Drew 2-2 & Won 3-1, Glasgow North: Won 3-1 & Won 3-1,
Shropshire: Won 3-1 & Won 4-0, Worcestershire: Won 4-0 & Won 4-0.
Overall Final Position: 1st.
Team: Jacqui Burton (Captain), Jan Johnson, Cathy Tandy, Pauline Adams (Chilwell B.C.)
Phil Johnson, Ian Price, Mike Nettleton (Chilwell B.C.)
Kevin Cuthbert (St Giles B.C.)

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