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31st March 2018

55s win through to National Finals

Nottinghamshire's over 55s team entertained their main rivals Shropshire on Saturday 31st March at Chilwell Olympia.
An important match for both teams, the winner to go forward to play in the League Championship Finals over the weekend of 28/29th April at Hatfield.
Previously in the Away match at Shropshire, Nott's. returned home with a losing 6-6 draw and had to gain an outright win today to top the Midlands League.
The match was tense from the beginning. Nott's got off to a great start in the level doubles by winning 1st Mens, 1st and 2nd Ladies rubbers - all in three sets.
After the second round, Nott's won another Mens and Ladies. The match then stood at 5-3 to Nott's, requiring two of the four remaining Mixed rubbers to gain the outright win.
1st and 2nd Mixed both went to three sets with both Nott's pairs gaining the win. 3rd and fourth Mixed pairs added to the victory. The end result a great 9-3 victory to the Home side.

Nott's now have the over 45s and 55s teams in the Finals, with a strong possibility that the 50s team could join them if they beat Worcestershire in their Play Off next Sunday at Chilwell Olympia.

55's Team:
Dave Hargreaves - Chilwell B.C.
Julian Dumelow - Forest B.C.
Andy Morrell - Bingham B.C.
Vaughan Chamberlain - Mansfield Oaktree B.C.
Julie Peart, Gill Maloney, Jacqui Burton - Chilwell B.C.
Wendy Walton-Towle - Crusader B.C.

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