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14th April 2019

50s though to National Championship Finals

A thrilling match took place on Sunday 14th April.
Playing on neutral courts at Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire's 50s team, winners of the Midlands East League, played Worcestershire's 50s team winners of the Midlands West League, the winning team advancing to play in the National League Finals over the weekend 27/28th April at Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton.

The Nott's men halved their Men's matches 2-2; the ladies won all their four, resulting in a strong 6-4 lead to Nott's before the Mixed event. Then it became even more tense, surely the team could win one of the remaining four Mixed matches to secure the match win!
All four matches were on court playing side by side. Nott's 2nd and 4th Mixed won their first set, while 1st and 3rd lost theirs. Then the reverse happened in all matches - all going to a third and final set - the team did it, winning all four Mixed in three sets resulting in a 10-2 final result to Nottinghamshire. A hard fought match where the result did not reflect the final score.
All of Nott's ladies were unbeaten in the match.
The 50s now join Nott's 45s in the Finals and will represent their respective age groups in the Midlands region.

50s Team:
John Fletcher - Crusader B.C.
Kevin Langley - Southwell B.C.
Mark Attewell, Anthony O'Leary - Bingham B.C.
Loraine Buck, Karen Gleave, Jane Tarrant - Forest B.C.
Ellen Housley - Bingham B.C.

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