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13th July 2015

Badminton England Presents ... The Junior League

What is the Junior League?

Launching in September 15 2015, the Junior League is an exciting way to provide young recreational players the opportunity to play competitively and gain valuable experience competing at an appropriate level enabling them to continue to develop.

Junior League aims to provide recreational players with an introduction to competition as the first step to moving into higher level competitions such as county and circuit tournaments.

The Junior League will have a national final, providing leagues with the opportunity to enter teams to be crowned National Junior League champions!

All Junior Leagues should be aimed at engaging:
• Recreational players aged between 10 – 16 years old
• Players who currently have limited access to competitive opportunities
• Girls who want to play competitive badminton in the right environment for them to develop.
• Players who have been involved in SmashUp!, National Schools Championships, clubs & satellite clubs

How will it work?

Badminton England is keen to see a network of junior leagues in place across the Country, hence the development of the Junior League. Junior leagues will operate across the season, with the opportunity for all participating leagues to enter a National final.

Leagues that wish to sign up to the Junior League will be able to submit an application for support with their setup for the season. Although leagues will be able to operate to their own rules, those wishing to enter the National final will need to be able to field a team(s) that meet the criteria for that event

Potential leagues will be able to receive support from Badminton England staff throughout the application and start up process.

Partners wishing to deliver a Junior League will complete a simple application form identifying:
• Who will be hosting the league;
• Key partners involved;
• Chosen formats and frequency of individual leagues (guidance on this will be provided with the application form).
• How the league will be sustained;
• Approved leagues will be provided with Junior League starter packs which will include:
• Key school and club information to support identifying potential players/teams
• Branded marketing templates and materials to promote their Junior League (see attached sample)
• Shuttles
• Grading information
• National final information

Are there any criteria?

Junior Leagues have the flexibility to choose their own playing format but must specify within the application form what this is.

The Junior League is aimed at those who are new to competition and therefore it is expected that a limit is placed on the standard of player that can enter. Badminton England is happy to support leagues in determining the appropriate standard for their area

All agreed Junior Leagues must:
• Affiliate their league to Badminton England.
• Ensure clubs that enter teams are affiliated to Badminton England
• Provide players with the opportunity to gain grading points (guidelines provided)
• Engage with equal numbers of girls and boys
• Reward grants (subject to funding) will be available to leagues which:
• Engage high numbers of girls
• Engage/retain high number of teams/players throughout the season

National Final

All agreed Junior Leagues will be eligible to enter into the National Final which will be held 11th & 12th June 2016 at the National Badminton Centre.

Leagues can use their own chosen format to decide a winner from their own league but must enter a team to play the agreed national format if they wish to compete in the national final. Leagues will be able to enter one team per age group.

The national final will be played using National Badminton League format:
• Mixed teams consisting of a minimum of 2 girls and 2 boys
• U12 and U14
• Tie consists of 1 boy’s singles, 1 girl’s singles, 1 boy’s doubles, 1 girl’s doubles and 1 mixed doubles
• Best 3 games to 9
• Teams entered must consist of players who have played in the Junior League within the current season and are graded at:
• U12: H and below
• U14: I and below

Application process

Click here to download the application form.

Applications are welcome from those who wish to establish a new league as well as leagues that are already established.

Applications should be completed in full and support is available from the regional teams in order to do this.

Please contact Michael Nyarko at or 07725 074533 in the first instance if you require any support.

Fully completed applications should be sent to by Friday 31st July 2015.

Applications will be reviewed and leagues will be contacted by Friday 14th August 2015 to advise if successful.

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