Generation Games Tournament 2006

Stretching players resources and skills in a slightly different direction, this tournament still holds appeal for those with the appetite for an end of season  tournament.

The sixteen year age difference requirement between playing partners is the unique feature of this tournament, and it inevitably results in a fascinating contest fielding some unusual pairings and yielding some wonderful badminton.

Embracing the wholesome ideal of nurturing young, up and coming players by presenting  them with a positive experience of senior doubles is an underlying philosophy, but the the element of competition sometimes means the opposite can happen. It is a pleasure therefore to report the excellent generosity of spirit and gamesmanship in which this years tournament was played.

The tournament commemorates a former player who died of cancer, and all monies raised through its staging will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Relief. This year, it is expected that about 1200 will have been raised.  Grateful thanks are extended to all the event sponsors, and everyone who supported or participated. A particular thank you is due to those players who took the time and trouble to raise personal sponsorship.

Many congratulations to the worthy finalists, whom it is hoped will be seen in action again next year as they defend their titles.

Honor Price
Event Co-ordinator

Tournament Results 2006 


Mens Doubles Results
 Chris Page ( Boots BC) and Michael Senior (u/a)
Runners Up:
 Chris Newton and Stephen Gregory (Byron BC)


Ladies Doubles Results
 Pauline Adams and Gayle Parr (Redhill BC)
Runners Up:
 Anita Powell and Jane Riley (Beeston Valley BC)       


Mixed Doubles A Results
 Elaine Mercer and Richard Pulford (Bingham BC)
Runners Up:
 Amie Reed and John Brook (Crusader BC)


Mixed Doubles B Results
 Pauline Adams and Edward Wright (Redhill BC)
Runners Up:
 Anita Powell (Beeston Valley BC) and Michael Foster (Redhill BC)  





Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated and contributed towards the success of this years event.