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17th November 2019

Masters 50s and 55s 2nd teams defeated

Nott's over 50s and 55s 2nd teams both entertained Lancashire and Leicestershire respectively on Sunday 17th November at Chilwell Olympia.

The 50s team now playing this season in the North division, were up against unbeaten Lancashire. Although the Nott's side lost 9-3 a number of scores were so close - John Fletcher and Julian Dumelow losing a Men's by 20-22 & 20-22, Julian and Jane Smith losing their Mixed by 21-23 & 20-22, Jane Smith & Helen Clark losing in three sets after winning their first end 21-17 then losing 20-22 in the second. Debutants Warwick Mooney and Helen Clarke taking their Mixed to a deciding set.
All in all a good performance by the Nott's side who didn't allow Lancashire to have it all their own way. The score line certainly not reflecting how close the match was.
Karen Gleave was unbeaten in the match, playing 1st Ladies with partner Jane Tarrant and 1st Mixed with John Fletcher.
The team next travel to play Yorkshire on November 24th.

Nott's 55s 2nd team, playing the return match against Leicestershire were unable to overcome their opponents all round strength when they went down 10-2 to the visitors.
The two Nott's wins coming from men's pairing Jerry Deacon and debutant Dave Hall and stalwarts Andy Morrell with mixed partner Wendy Walton-Towle.
The team next travel to Northamptonshire on Saturday November 30th.

50s Team:
John Fletcher - Crusader B.C.
Julian Dumelow - Forest B.C.
Neil Franklin - Boots B.C.
Warwick Mooney - Beeston Valley B.C.
Karen Gleave, Jane Tarrant, Helen Clarke - Forest B.C.
Jane Smith - Bingham B.C.

55s 2nd Team:
Jerry Deacon - Crusaders B.C.
David Hall - Boots B.C.
Andy Morrell - Crusader B.C.
Gordon Newstead - East Leake B.C.
Frances Fox - Boots B.C.
Kim Martin - Carlton B.C.
Wendy Walton-Towle, Wendy Bland - Crusaders B.C.

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