Notts BA Announce Two Year Sponsorship Deal with Babolat and Gannon Sports

Steven Chappell, Babolat UK Badminton Manager and Paul
Adcock, Chairman of Nottinghamshire Badminton Association

Nottinghamshire Badminton Association's Chairman Paul Adcock has announced a two year Sponsorship deal with Babolat, who will provide all County Teams' kit (Junior, Senior and Masters), as well as Babolat 1 shuttlecocks for county run tournaments.

In association with Gannon Sports, Babolat are also providing discounted prices to all Nottinghamshire Badminton Association Junior and Senior clubs.

In a special one-off shuttle deal with Babolat, Nottinghamshire Badminton Association has supplied all current league clubs with tubes of Babolat shuttles for their use.

It is hoped that a major sponsored event will be organised later this year for all clubs, with demonstrations from some of the Babolat Professional players.

For more information and to visit our sponsors Facebook page:-

To receive Notts BA discount contact Gannon Sports (01620 845000) and quote your team name.

The current prices (Updated on 28th Feb 2023) for Babolat shuttles are:-

Babolat 1 1 Tube £24.50, 2-5 Tubes £23.50, 6+ Tubes £22.75
Babolat 2 1 Tube £23.00, 2-5 Tubes £22.00, 6+ Tubes £21.50
Babolat 3 1 Tube £20.00, 2-5 Tubes £19.50, 6+ Tubes £19.00
Babolat 4 1 Tube £17.00, 2-5 Tubes £16.25, 6+ Tubes £15.85
Babolat Hybrid 1 Tube £16.00, 2-5 Tubes £15.50, 6+ Tubes £15.00