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7th November 2021

Triple wins for Masters Teams

Three teams played on Sunday the 7th November. The 40s and 65s playing Worcestershire on their Home courts at Chilwell Olympia while the 45s travelled to Shropshire.

The 40s, with debutants Louise Bolam, Susie Brown and Steve Farey, overcame their opponents by winning all four Men’s, two Ladies and one Mixed resulting in a 7-5 win.
Lee Truong and Sion Severn were both unbeaten in the match.

The 45s, with debutant Simon Higgs, had a tight match against Shropshire. Five rubbers went to three sets with Nott’s winning three. The team won one Men’s, three Ladies and three Mixed rubbers resulting in a 7-5 win.
Paula Wilson and Toni Favill were both unbeaten in the match.

The 65’s had a convincing 7-2 win over Worcestershire 2nd team, only losing two Men’s out of their nine rubbers. Great to see Eileen Clarke back on court after a gap of ten years.

40s Team:-
Simon Vanderwalt – East Leake B.C.
Sion Severn – Beeston Fields B.C.
Mathew Haigh – Mapperley Park B.C.
Steve Farey – Carlton B.C.
Lee Truong, Susie Brown – Beeston Fields B.C.
Nathalie Woolsey-Butler – Crusader B.C.
Louise Bolam – Bingham B.C.

45s Team:-
Paula Wilson, Matthew Tongue - Bingham B.C.
Toni Favill, Julie Gater, Craig Favill - Mansfield Oaktree B.C.
Graydon Peacock - St. Giles B.C.
Simon Higgs – Devon B.C.
Stephanie Clark – Beeston Fields B.C.

65s Team:-
Jacqui Burton, Eileen Clarke, Ian price, Mike Nettleton – Chilwell B.C.
Lynn Davison – Beeston Fields B.C.
Mike Higgs – Forest B.C.

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