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19th May 2022

Megan and Lucy Brierley 2020 - 2022 Update

Lucy Brierley - 2021Megan and Lucy Brierley’s father Andrew has sent us an update on their achievements during the past 2 years.

Our congratulations go to both Megan and Lucy for their excellent results.

Despite the pandemic, Megan and Lucy managed to play some badminton in early 2020.

U17 Gold University of Hertfordshire Sports Village February 2020

Lucy - Bronze in Girls doubles
Megan - Silver in Mixed doubles & silver in girls doubles

U17 Gold Redbridge January 2020

Megan - Silver in mixed doubles

U15 Gold Warwick February 2020

Lucy - Gold girls doubles 7 mixed doubles

The DKway U15 Silver Hertfordshire January 2020

Lucy - Gold mixed doubles

In February 2020 Lucy played for England in the U15 European badminton championships in France. This was a great opportunity for her playing a year young losing the eventual winner in the singles event.

Megan was also picked to play for England in the U17 6 Nations championships also to be held in France. Unfortunately, this event did not take place due to lockdown.

There were no more tournaments until June 2021 with few opportunities to train on court.

When tournaments were up and running again entry was restricted for the first few months which meant players could only enter singles and doubles or singles and mixed.

U19 Gold Birmingham University June 2021

Megan - Silver in mixed doubles
Lucy - Bronze in singles

U15 Gold Milton Keynes June 2021

Lucy Gold girls doubles & Bronze in girls singles *

U17 Gold Nottingham University August 2021

Lucy - Bronze in mixed doubles

Leicestershire U17 Silver Tournament August 2021

Lucy - Silver in mixed doubles

U15 Gold Gloucestershire September 2021

Lucy - Bronze in singles, Silver in girls doubles and Gold in mixed doubles
Megan Brierley - 2021
U19 Gold Hertfordshire September 2021

Megan - Bronze in mixed doubles

U15 Gold Milton Keynes October 2021

Lucy - Gold in all 3 events - singles, girls doubles and mixed

U17 Gold Redbridge October 2021

Lucy - Bronze in singles & bronze in girls doubles

U15 English National Championships November 2021

Lucy - Gold in all 3 events - singles, girls doubles and mixed

Lucy has won Gold at the Nationals again. She has won gold at the Nationals every year since 2016 at age 9. This was special as she won gold in all three events, the only player in England to achieve this feat in any age group in 2021.

U17 English National Championships November 2021

Lucy - Silver in girls doubles

U15 Quadrangular tournament (Home Nations) October 2021

In October 2021, Lucy was selected to play for England in the U15 Quadrangular tournament. This was held in Glasgow over 4 days. At this event England won the team event. In the individual event, Lucy won Gold in the singles and girls doubles events as well as silver in the mixed doubles.

U15 8 Nations December 2021

In December ember Lucy was picked to play for England again. This time in the 8 Nations tournament consisting of teams from England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

Unfortunately, England had to pull the team from this tournament due to covid travel restrictions.

U17 Gold Nottingham January 2022

Lucy Gold in Girls doubles and mixed doubles, bronze in Girls singles.

Unfortunately, there have not been many tournaments that Megan could enter, instead she has concentrated on her studies and is being rewarded by excellent predicted grades to enable her to go to a top university.

Lucy has been selected to represent England at the U17 6 Nations in Holland in April.

Megan and Lucy hope that 2022 is a year that sees badminton back to normal.

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