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18th January 2024

Coaching Bursary - March 2024

Good morning,

I am emailing you today to discuss the coaching bursary we currently have open to applicants. This bursary can be applied for by any Badminton England member and will cover up to 50% of the course fees.

The process is simple and aimed at reducing the burden of accessing the funding:

The person wishing to apply for a bursary completes the application form.
The form is reviewed and if successful passed to our Coaching department who will contact you directly.
Coaching department get in touch to arrange the payment of the remaining 50% before 31st March 2024.
You will be issued a ‘token’ to attend any BE coaching course at the level applied for, before March 2025.
Requirements/Eligibility for funding:

Be a Badminton England Member.
The remainder of the course fees, not covered by the bursary, must be paid before 31st March 2024.
Course to be attended prior to March 2025.
Any Badminton England coaching course: Foundation, Level 2 etc.
Successfully meeting the criteria to attend the course.
If you need any further support or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Liam Cooper
Network Manager East Badminton England
d. 01908 113034
t. 01908 268400

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