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20th August 2019

We’re raising £2,000 to keep Owen's International Para-Badminton dream alive!

Owen KilburnI am a 28 year old Nottingham based Para-Badminton player born with Spina Bifida and have been playing Badminton since I was 15 and continued my development whilst at Nottingham Trent University where I graduated with a degree in Sports Science.

I've had the privilege of representing England in many tournaments over the years (such as South Korea for the 2017 World Championships and various countries across Europe)

In July 2019 I was runner-up in Singles and Mens Doubles with Gobi Ranganathan at the UK Para-Badminton Championships at the EIS in Sheffield. And in June 2019 at the Irish Para-Badminton International I reached the last 16 in Mens Doubles (with Gobi) and the Quarter finals in Mixed Doubles with Sharon Jones-Barnes.

I have qualified in Mens Doubles with Gobi for the Para-Badminton World Championships in Basel, Switzerland in August 2019

In 2020 Para-Badminton will be included in the Paralympic games for the very first time and like many other disabled athletes, my dream is to compete in the Paralympics.

Click here to access Owen's 'Just Giving' crowdfunding page.

Qualification begins this year and every point will matter in order to qualify but unfortunately, however, I am completely self-funded and struggle to fund the costs needed to be able to travel to these tournaments which also includes the entry fee to represent my country to gain ranking points.

Last year I spent in the region of £4,000 to take part in 5 tournaments which came out of my own disability living allowance benefit, in addition to small donations Nott’s Badminton Association family and friends.

Ultimately my goal is to qualify for the Paralympic games and it will be extremely tough as entries are very restricted but I wish to try my utmost best to try and achieve this dream.

The tournaments I hope to attend this year are:
* Turkish Para-Badminton International 25 - 30 March
* Canada Para-Badminton International 6 - 12 May
* Irish Para-Badminton International 17 - 23 June
* World Championships (Switzerland) (Must qualify) 20 - 25 August
* China Para-Badminton International 23 - 29 September
* Denmark Para-Badminton International 15- 20 October

To help achieve my goals and continue my journey, any donation/sponsorship will be ever so appreciated.

Click here to access Owen's 'Just Giving' crowdfunding page.

To email Owen directly click here.

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