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1st March 2019

NottsBA Forum

tapatalk forumAt the last AGM (or was it the one before?) somebody suggested it would be nice if there was somewhere clubs could share ideas

e.g. somewhere to show off how you do something that you think would be helpful to other clubs. Also somewhere people can ask questions of the community in general (this could be especially useful for new clubs)

To this end I've set up a forum for NottsBA clubs to try *here*. It's early days so there's little content and I've never managed a forum before so please be patient

- show off details of something your club is proud of
- add your own questions about club or website management
- suggest changes or report issues with the NottsBA website

My thinking is that above all it should be a friendly & helpful environment, if that fails to be the case I will scrap it. See what you think

Mark Ransom

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