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16th November 2018

Mixed Fortunes for Notts Second Team

Notts County 2nd Team 2018 Notts senior 2nd team began the 2018-19 season in SCC Division 2 Central with matches against Warwickshire 2 and Derbyshire 2 at Caroline Chisholm School in Northampton on Saturday 10th November.

Despite valiant efforts from Miles Milner (making his Notts début), Manik Chakravarti, James Anderson, Amy Keady and Ellen Mahenthiralingam, a strong Warwickshire 2nd team took all five singles rubbers. Ben Sanders/Manik Chakravarti came close to redressing the balance in the first of the men’s doubles but ultimately lost out 21-14 in the deciding game; however it was the ever-reliable women’s doubles pairing of Megan Attewell and Amy Keady who chalked up Notts’ first win, prevailing 21-19 21-17. Notts couldn’t build on their victory in the mixed doubles however, and a final match score of 10-1 to Warwickshire 2 should be considered pretty unreflective of some close-fought games, considering the opposition played in the division above last season and will be favourites to make a return at the end of this campaign.

Notts made a more convincing start to the second fixture of the day against Derbyshire 2. James Anderson eased through 21-9 21-9 in his men’s singles rubber, Amy Keady narrowly missed out 22-24 in the decider of her women’s singles against strong opposition and Notts were helped with a retirement through injury in the other women’s singles. Notts soon overturned the 2-3 deficit in the men’s doubles with pairings of Sanders/Chakravarti and Gardner/Milner each securing their rubbers. Notts pressed home their advantage in the women’s doubles with Attewell/Keady winning convincingly 21-16 21-15. Mixed pairings of Sanders/Clague and Gardner/Attewell completed the clean sweep in the doubles events, each winning their respective rubbers, for an emphatic final score of 8-3 to Notts.

Representing Notts 2 were:
James Anderson
Megan Attewell
Manik Chakravarti
Kim Clague
Ben Gardner
Amy Keady
Ellen Mahenthiralingam
Miles Milner
Ben Sanders

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