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2nd April 2018

Great team effort from County 3rd

Going into the final weekend of County fixtures, Nottinghamshire 3rds were 3rd in their division with the top two teams, Oxford 2 and Derbyshire 2 still to play. Promotion was not off the cards but would be a challenge against two strong sides.

On 24/03/2018 Notts 3 faced Oxford 2 first thing and found the singles split in Notts favour, winning 3 from 5.

The doubles however went in Oxford's favour and they took 3 from 4 of the rubbers, Oxford showing the standard that put them top of the division. This meant the match was 5-4 to Oxford going into the mixed doubles. Despite close games, Oxford took both mixed, ending the match score as 7-4. Matt Adcock, Paula Wilson and Victoria Ringland playing their first matches for the county this season.

In the afternoon Notts 3 played Derby 2, Derby with plenty of experience in their team, in 2nd place in the league.

This time round Notts only managing 2 of the 5 singles, leaving work to be done in the doubles and mixed. James Anderson winning again in his singles. The doubles and mixed was another tough affair with only Adcock brothers, Matt and Jack winning in their doubles and Paul Grimley and Philippa Warman winning their mixed, final match score 7-4 to Derbyshire 2.

Going into 25/03/2018 Notts 3 faced a challenging day, Victoria Ringland being injured from the day before and Paula Wilson and Matt Adcock not being available. Lyndsey Davison and Jayne Smith stepping into the breach for an important match against Cambridge 2. Several counties, including Notts 3 faced the prospect of relegation before the match started.

The Notts men stepped up to the mark and won all their singles giving Notts a great start. With regular singles players unavailable, the ladies singles was always going to be tough and despite a strong effort, Cambridge took both rubbers. Notts lead 3-2 going to the doubles.

A great team effort meant 3 from 4 doubles went to Notts, including great performances from Jayne Smith and Lyndsey Davison, winning their rubbers.

Notts 3 were now safe in the division as the Mixed started; however Cambridge needed both Mixed rubbers if they were to remain safe.

Jack Adcock and Jayne Smith battled hard but were unable to overcome a strong Cambridge pair. Cambridge needing one more rubber to remain in the division. Paul Grimely and Philippa Warman proved too strong however and a win for Notts sent Cambridge down.

Final match score 7-4 to Notts 3.

Special mention must go to Lyndsey Davison and Jayne Smith for their first matches for the team this season, both picking up wins.

Jayne coming in late in the day after injury on the Saturday.

Performance of the weekend goes to Nottingham University student, James Anderson, winning all his singles in straight games.

Great team effort to finish 3rd, one place below promotion which went to Derbyshire 2 and Oxford 2.

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