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27th March 2018

1st Team Make the Play-Offs

The weekend of 24th and 25th March was always going to prove to be a tricky weekend for Nottinghamshire's 1st team, starting 4th in the table having played just three matches so far this season.

The weekend saw the first team debuts for Hilda Ho and Jed Arksey. The team played Yorkshire 3 on the morning of the 24th knowing a good win would be vital if we were to stand any chance of progressing to the play offs. The match commenced with Neil White playing 1st singles, Neil cruised to a comfortable win of 21/8, 21/7, David Robertson supported Neilís win with a solid performance at 2nd Menís singles winning 21/13, 22/20. David Maughan played 3rd singles who had a solid performance winning 21/12, 21/13, which took the match score to 3-0 to Notts.

Notts continued to show the strength in the womenís singles this year with Serena Midha winning at 1st singles 21/9, 21/7 and Nicola Ho winning at 2nd singles 21/9, 21/12 to move the team into a 5-0 lead. The menís doubles followed with Matt Stacey and Neil White playing first doubles winning 21/15, 21/6. Jed Arksey and David Robertson played second doubles, which in a tough match unfortunately lost 21/12, 21/12. The womenís doubles followed with Alex Langley and Serena Midha playing 1st and winning in three 21/17, 16/21 21/14. The new partnership of Hilda Ho and Emily Witts played 2nd doubles and always looked comfortable winning 21/14, 21/14 to take Notts into a lead of 8-1 going into the mixed. Matt Stacey and Alex Langley played 1st mixed and in a tough game came out winners 21/11, 21/17. In the second mixed Neil White and Emily Witts had a very close game coming out winners 21/19, 17/21, 21/13. This meant that Notts had won 10-1 in the match and it took the team up to 3rd in the table on 29 behind Warwickshire on 39 and Yorkshire 2 on 31.

In the afternoon of 24th Notts played Warwickshire 2 with the managers staying with the same team apart from Jed Arksey coming in for Neil White at 2nd mixed. The 3rd menís singles went on first with David Maughan unfortunately losing in a tight match 18/21, 21/15, 17/21. Neil White continued his good run of form winning the 1st menís singles 21/14, 21/14. David Robertson in the second menís singles came out the wrong side of a 15/21, 19/21 game. We continued to be strong in the womenís singles with Serena Midha winning the 1st singles 21/10, 21/11 and Hilda Ho winning in the 2nd singles 21/7, 21/7, which put us into a narrow 3-2 lead. In the 1st menís doubles Matt Stacey and Neil White had an inconsistent performance for once but still came out on top in three sets 21/10, 18/21, 21/7. Jed Arksey secured his first win for the Notts team with a win in the 2nd menís doubles with David Robertson, 21/7, 21/14. Two more solid performance in the womenís doubles saw Alex Langley and Serena Midha take the 1st doubles 21/12, 21/11 and Hilda Ho and Emily Witts take the 2nd doubles 21/11, 21/14. The 1st mixed was a tight match with Matt Stacey and Alex Langley running out 25/27, 21/15, 21/15 winners. The new pairing of Jed Arksey and Emily Witts put in a solid performance to take the final rubber 21/9, 21/13, which took the match score to 9-2 to Notts. This left Notts 2nd in the team on 38, one point behind Warwickshire on 39 and one point ahead of Yorkshire 2 on 37.

Notts were drawn to play Warwickshire in the final match, knowing that they needed to put in a solid performance to stay ahead of Yorkshire 2. Neil White put in another excellent performance to see Notts off to a winning start with a 21/18, 21/13 win. David Robertson put in another strong performance but was unlucky to lose in three 21/17, 16/21, 25/27. David Maughan played 3rd singles put was not strong enough losing 21/12, 21/12. Serena Midha again took Notts back to winning ways with a solid 21/17, 21/16 win, which was backed up by Hilda Ho who also won 22/20, 21/14, which took Notts into a 3-2 lead. All the doubles proved to be close affairs with all four going to three sets. In the menís doubles Matt Stacey and Neil White again put in a good performance but lost 16/21, 21/18 11/21. Jed Arksey and David Robertson upset the odds with a 21/15 1st set win, but then unfortunately could not continue their momentum going down 10/21, 14/21 in the remaining two sets. In the 1st ladies Alex Langley and Serena Midha continued their winning ways coming back from a set down to win 15/21, 21/14, 21/12 while Hilda Ho and Emily Witts could not finish off the the 1st and 3rd sets having got into a winning position only to go down in three 19/21, 21/14, 20/22. This took the match score to 5-4 to Warwickshire. The mixed was always going to be tough, Neil White and Alex Langley going in at 1st mixed played well but lost 17/21, 19/21, while Matt Stacey and Emily Witts were forced to retire following an injury to Matt Stacey. This meant that we lost a very close match 7-4, but with other results going our way meant that we came 2nd in the league and have made the play-offs in the 1st season in Division 1.

Congratulations to Neil White in Menís singles, Hilda Ho in Womenís singles and Alex Langley in Womenís doubles who all remained unbeaten over the weekend and especially Serena Midha who won six out of six matches over the weekend.

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