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Mapperley Park Badminton Club - Looking for new players
Mapperley Park Badminton Club are looking for new, league standard players for the up and coming 2018/2019 season.

With our 1st mixed promoted to the Premier Division, we are particularly looking for ladies with experience at this level.

We are a competitive yet friendly club that boasts 12 teams from Division 4 to the Premier Division

Our home courts are at Mapperley Sports Village

Club night (winter and summer): Mondays 7-10pm

Member of Notts club and fancy a change? Feel free to visit during the summer, the first session is free!

For more details contact Andy Shaw: - 0115 9203180/07976 461894 or at andymshaw82@gmail.com

Please visit our website www.mapperleyparkbc.co.uk

Added - 30th April 2018

Notts BA League Restructure Proposal


Ladies Divisions to stay as they are.

Mens Divisions to change from Premier, Div 1, 2A, 2B etc. to Premier to Division 7 with each division comprising of either 7 or 8 teams depending on team entries.

Promotion and relegation would then be the same as the Ladies section of 2 up 2 down.

I would propose that 2A & 2B would merge to create Divisions 2 & 3 with the top half of A & B going into 2 and bottom halves into 3.

3A & 3B merging to create Divisions 4 & 5 and so on.

Mixed Divisions to mirror the Mens proposal as above.

This would mean some rule changes to match the new league structure as follows:-

Existing Rule – “5a - The Mixed and Men's leagues shall consist of a Premier Division and First Division of eight teams with Division 2 and below being divided into two sections A & B of seven teams, playing one match only against each other team in that section or division.”

Suggestion – Rule would alter to remove the A & B sections and follow the existing rule 5b, re the Ladies Divisions.
“5b - The Ladies' league shall consist of a Premier Division and as many divisions of seven teams as are considered necessary, playing one match only against each other team in that section or division.”

Existing Rule – “5d - Clubs shall be allowed to have no more than two teams in the Premier Division or Division 1, subject to a maximum of three teams in the two divisions, and no more than one team in any other section or division.”

Suggestion – Rule would read “… clubs shall have no more than 2 teams in any Division”.

Existing Rule – “5e - Promotion and relegation shall be as follows:
Mixed & Men's Premier - 2 down
Mixed & Men's Division 1 - 2 up, 2 down (one to each section)
Mixed & Men's Division 2 A & B - 1 up, 2 down each section
Mixed & Men's Division 3 and below - 2 up, 2 down each section
Ladies All divisions - 2 up, 2 down”

Suggestion – Rule would read “…promotion & relegation would be 2 up & 2 down across all Divisions in all 3 formats.”

Existing Rule – “5g - In all sections promotions shall be to the corresponding section, but relegation shall be to a different section. Where this would result in two teams from the same club competing in the same section the League Executive Committee shall have the right to exercise its discretion.”

Suggestion – Rule would be removed.

RULE 12g
Existing Rule – “12g - A team without three playing pairs cannot win the match, which will be awarded to the other team. However, all rubbers played will be recorded and count for rubber average purposes.”

Suggestion - Requires an extra piece entering stating that a team can send 2 pairs to play a match but will not be deducted 2 points as in RULE 9.

This would encourage clubs to send a team to complete fixtures.

If a team sends 1 pair the match would be forfeit 9-0 as in rule 9, as it would be unfair to the opposition to only play 1 rubber each.

Existing Rule – “14 - If in any division of the League two or more Clubs finish the season having won the same number of matches their position in that division shall be determined by rubber averages, i.e. the number of rubbers won divided by the number of rubbers lost, or if the rubbers average be equal, by games average and if still equal, by points average. In the event of a tie between clubs eligible for promotion or relegation in any division, a match or matches shall be played off to decide the same. A tie shall be understood to mean equality in matches, and in rubber, game and point average.”

Suggestion - To be discussed to include any fixtures that have been claimed on a rule 9 which affect a promotion or relegation to try to make it fairer and a more accurate outcome of actual played fixtures.

Leave rule 14 as it is.

If teams are level on match wins and rubbers won, due to one team claiming a rule 9 fixture OR a team has gained an unfair position, then this result and the corresponding fixture including the other team equal would not be counted, and only results against the other teams in the Division would count.

Added - 6th April 2018

Breakfast Badminton Course
Essentials Breakfast Badminton course

An 8 week Essentials by Badminton England course for those with some experience of playing socially or competitively. Delivered by an endorsed Level 2 coach with a focus on developing good playing habits for those who would like to improve their basic badminton skills.

7-8am every week from Tuesday 16th Jan 2018. £40 includes free Babolat racket, Badminton England membership and access to the preceding hour of No Strings Breakfast Badminton court time. Skipping some weeks is not a problem.

Both sessions are supported by and have been enabled by Notts BA, Badminton England, Safari Badminton, and Nottingham City Council.

For more information please call Jim Farey on 07904 584443, or call Harvey Hadden directly on 0115 876 1600 to book a place on the course.

Added - 8th January 2018