Notts BA Hall, Chilwell Olympia, Byepass Road, Chilwell, Nottingham. NG9 5HR
Tel. 0115 9173333
Web address:

Executive Committee
Messrs J.C.Briggs, P.Adcock, T.Witts, M.Attewell, J.A.Hunt, R.Tyler, M.Newton

Mr J.C.Briggs
Tel. 01623 845820

Mr P.Adcock
Tel: 01623 797047 Email:

Vice Chairman
Mr D.Martin
Tel: 01159 223862

Holders of Badminton England Award
Miss R.M.Chambers (dec'd), Mrs G.Attewell, F.Hardy, M.Storey, J.A.G.Wadsworth (dec'd), P.Herrity, S.Hague (dec'd), J.A.Hunt

Holders of Badminton World Federation Meritorious Service Award
J. C. Briggs

Hon Life Presidents
Mr J.A.Hunt, Mrs D.M.Gregory

Hon Secretary
Miss J.Pickering
Tel. 0115 976 1187 Mobile 07773 863511 Email:

Hon Treasurer
Mr M.Tongue
Tel: 0115 8461345 (H) 01509 215731 (W) Email:

Hon Membership Secretary
Mrs A.Bexon
Tel: 0115 9854659 Email:

Hon League Secretary
Mr J.M.Storey
Tel: 0115 9234665

Hon Match Secretary
Tel. 0115 9143700 Email:

Hon Tournament Secretary
Mr D.Martin
Tel: 0115 9223862

Badminton England Representative
Mr J.C.Briggs
Tel: 01623 845820

Hon Hall Secretary
Ms F.Fox
Tel: 0115 9284749

Hon Hall Chairman
Mr J.A.Hunt
Tel: 0115 9223654

Hon Handbook Editor
Mr M.Ransom
Tel: 07827 254055 Email:

Notts Development Officer
Mr R. Tyler
Tel: 07706 052397 Email: Email:

Committee Elected
Mr A.Tyas
Tel: 0115 916 9817 - Mobile 07846 424637 Email:

Mr M.Attewell
Tel: 01949 21092 Email:

Mr A.Shaw
Tel: 07976 461894 Email:

Newark & District Representative
Miss A.Hutchings
Tel: 0115 9654187


Sub Committees

League Executive
Mrs A.Bexon, Messrs D.Martin, J.M.Storey

County Team Selection Committee
Paul Adcock (Chair), Michele Pulford, Martin Pulford, Peter Herrity, Neil White, and the appointed 2nd and 3rd team captains

Tournament Committee
Messrs D.Martin, G.Davison

Hall Management Committee
J.A.Hunt, F.Fox, J.Pickering, M.Attewell, A.Bexon, T.Witts

Umpires Liaison Officer
Mr D.Martin
Tel: 0115 9223862

Masters Inter County Selection Committee
Mr J.A.Hunt (Masters Co-ordinator)
Tel: 0115 9223654

Mrs G.Maloney (Joint Co-ordinator)
Tel. 0115 9754776

Mr J.M.Storey, Mrs J.Peart

Mrs J.Abbott (Masters Match Secretary)

Website Officers
Mr Paul Bexon
Tel: 0115 9854659 Email:

Mr Mark Ransom
Tel: 07827 254055 Email: