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24th November 2019

Masters over 45s & 50s Teams gain winning draws

Three of Nott's Masters Teams travelled to Worcestershire and Yorkshire on Sunday November 24th.
Both the 45s and 60s playing in the Midlands division at Worcestershire while the 50s in the North division at Yorkshire.

The 45s team opened their season without a number of key players due to injuries, playing top of the league Worcestershire and came home with a good winning 6-6 draw, 15-12 games on count back.
Unluckily three of Nott's losses all went to three sets.
The team won two Men's, one Ladies and three Mixed rubbers.
Matthew Tongue and Craig Favill were unbeaten in the match, playing together in the Men's, Matt playing top Mixed with Paula Wilson and Craig partnering Julie Gater at 2nd Mixed
A good all round team performance.
The team next play Away at Oxfordshire on December 1st.

The 50s team playing favourites Yorkshire pulled off a tremendous 6-6 winning draw, 15-14 games on count back and were unlucky not to gain an outright win when John Fletcher and Julian Dumelow lost their 2nd Men's match 20-22 in a thrilling third end after beating Yorkshire's top men's pair.
The team won two men's, two Ladies and two Mixed rubbers.
Notable performances were from Neil Franklin and Warwick Mooney taking a Men's doubles in three sets. Julian Dumelow and Jane Smith comfortably taking their 2nd Mixed.
Jane Tarrant was unbeaten in the match playing with partners Karen Gleave and Neil Franklin.
The team next play the return match with Yorkshire on December 15th at Home.

The 60s were up against a strong Worcestershire 1st team and lost heavily by 10-2 to the home side. The two Nott's wins coming from ladies pairings, Pauline Adams/Jacqui Burton and Gill Maloney/Lynn Davison who both beat Worcestershire's 2nd ladies pair in three sets.
The team next play Worcestershire 2nd team at Chilwell Olympia on Sunday January 26th.

45s Team:
Matthew Tongue - Bingham B.C.
Craig Favill - Mansfield Oaktree B.C.
Graydon Peacock - St. Giles B.C.
Greg Eden - Southwell B.C.
Paula Wilson - Bingham B.C.
Julie Gater - Mansfield Oaktree B.C.
Heidi Scott-Smith - Mapperley Park B.C.
Kate Miller - Mansfield Oaktree B.C.

50s Team:
John Fletcher - Crusader B.C.
Julian Dumelow - Forest B.C.
Neil Franklin - Boots B.C.
Warwick Mooney - Beeston Valley B.C.
Karen Gleave, Jane Tarrant, Helen Clarke - Forest B.C.
Jane Smith - Bingham B.C.

60's Team:
Phil Johnson, Mike Nettleton, Ian Price - Chilwell B.C.
Phil Kent - Sprotborough B.C.
Jacqui Burton, Pauline Adams, Gill Maloney - Chilwell B.C.
Lynn Davison - Beeston Fields B.C.

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