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20th October 2019

Masters 55s 2nd team defeated at Leicestershire

This season it was decided to introduce a second over 55s team in the Leagues.
The 55s 1st team now playing in the North division while the 55s 2nd's remained in the Midlands.
The newly formed 55s 2nd team opened their season when they travelled to old rivals Leicestershire on Sunday 20th October.
It was always going to be a tough match for the visitors; however Leicestershire didn't have it all their own way.
Nott's won one Men's, one Ladies and two Mixed rubbers resulting in a 8-4 win to the Home side.
Notable performances from the Nott's team were from Wendy Walton-Towle, Jerry Deacon and his Mixed partner Wendy Bland who together won their Mixed. Jerry wining a Men's with partner Sam Murphy and Wendy Bland winning a Ladies with partner Wendy Walton-Towle.
The forth win came from Wendy Walton-Towle and Mixed partner Richard Tang.

55s 2nd Team:
Andy Morrell - Bingham B.C.
Richard Tang - Naseeb B.C.
Jerry Deacon - Crusaders B.C.
Sam Murphy - Chilwell B.C.
Frances Fox - Bingham B.C.
Lesley Griffin - Loughborough Leys B.C.
Wendy Walton-Towle, Wendy Bland - Crusaders B.C.

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